1. Hahahaha. The Nazi armband inside her jacket has Donald's face on it. Honestly, I think Putin told her to hook up with ol Donald so they could control him from the inside. She's a Russian plant. Come on, she's too hot for the likes of the man she's married to. She had no choice and has to keep Putin and her bosses happy by standing by Trump.

      Once Trump's out, there will be a total release of embrrassing info or crimes to destroy him by Putin, or he'll have to be kept as an agent of a foreign power (Russia) in prison. He can't be allowed to leave American soil and share our country's most intimate military and intelligence secrets. I'm sure he did that at his little summits already.

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      Appearing like a Nazi villain from the film Raiders Of The Lost Ark, First Lady Melania Trump struts for the cameras while on holiday in Egypt.
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      People gotta get out and vote. Everyone MUST vote in November. We are the ones in control, not the Congress. They only have power over us if we give it to them via not voting. I don't like the Republicans being in complete control to do as they please.

      This subverts our check and balance system and easily could lead to tyrannical rule. In fact, with Brett Kavanaugh being put on the bench, we are at serious risk of losing our freedoms.

      The SCOTUS has been packed with extremi...st Libertarians posing as Republicans and is no longer an unbiased protection for all. It protects those with money and power by taking it from the rest of us.

      Make no mistake here. We are returning to a time of slavery including all who do not earn enough to be considered part of the inner circle of extreme wealth.

      Capitalism is the framework that depends upon equality in the workplace and earnings. No longer is there a balance. Revolutions are grown under such circumstances. Just review history. It's repeating itself again. We are the victims. Voting is our weapon to take back what is rightfully ours. If we fail, next is violence.

      Violence is not the answer, but anger will overrule common sense under such extreme times. Register, vote, be heard and take back America before we no longer will be able to. I am the Resistance. Stand with me and hold fast.

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